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Nationally Recognized

Constellation Schools: Shaker Academy provides a high-quality education that integrates the teaching of character education, values and self-discipline, incorporates technology (providing personal laptops in 2nd grade), stresses the importance of school attendance and addresses the emotional needs of each student. While our highly qualified teachers focus on specific educational needs, getting to know the whole child is a responsibility every employee takes seriously. It is a privilege to serve our families, and we welcome the opportunity to become partners in the education of your child!

Constellation Schools: Shaker Academy (SA), located in the former Our Lady of Peace Parish school building, opened in 2017 with 48 students in grades K-2.

Partners with our Parents

"Enrolling my daughter in a Constellation School was a big decision I had to make. After enrolling my daughter and getting the feel of things, I became very confident and I knew I had made the right decision for my daughter's education. She loves her teacher, peers, and the principal is dearly awesome. I appreciate how every teacher is involved in helping each child succeed. Shaker Academy has sharpened my daughter's listening skills, sharing with peers at home, confidence in doing her work and in her learning. She looks forward to school every morning and loves to be on time so she can learn and help others. Shaker Academy, you rock!"
- Tiana Younger, Kindergarten Parent

"I really like the school. The teachers and staff are very nice and my daughter's teacher works very hard for and with her."
- Valcine Foster, Kindergarten Parent

"I am so elated to have my daughter attend Shaker Academy! We have loved it from the first sight! Mr. V. and Ms. Geiger are awesome education leaders. My daughter speaks so highly of the great impact they have had on her second grade year. I thank God for allowing her to be there. It's truly a blessing to her academic growth. Thank you so much for all you are doing for us!"
- Shamir Reeves, Second Grade Parent

"I am very pleased with how things are going at Shaker Academy. Every day after school my daughter is so excited to tell me how her day went and what new, awesome, great stuff she has learned! She really loves her teacher and the "class jobs" that they have. She was so excited when the Metroparks came and she got to hold an opossum skin. On that special day she couldn't stop smiling while expressing her experience. She loves the moments when she and her classmates have "laptop time" with their very own laptops. Overall I am very appreciative and grateful for her new school experience at Constellation Schools: Shaker Academy!"
- A Thankful Mom, Sarah Crawford, Second Grade Parent and School Employee

School Snapshots

We are the Shaker STARS!

  • Stay Safe
  • Teamwork
  • Act Responsibly
  • Respect Everyone

Student Corner

    Students at Constellation Schools: Shaker Academy Students at Constellation Schools: Shaker Academy Students at Constellation Schools: Shaker Academy

Community Connections

We value community partnerships and engagement to promote the connections to the communities in which our students live. These partnerships include:

  • Cleveland Metroparks
  • Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church
  • Cleveland Public Library - Rice Branch
  • Buckeye Area Development Corporation
  • Various local businesses and organizations